Project Mental Health

Project Mental Health was established in 2000 by Merete Nergaard, Mette Neslein and Nina Ringnes. Following a visit to Kosovo, to a mental hospital then in care of the Red Cross Norway, the three decided to form a private partnership. While in Kosovo, they realised that the crises teams and helping organisations were lacking in helping tools prioritising the psychological traumas caused by experiences of war or natural disasters. The primary aim of Project Mental Health, is to provide support to projects that places mental health higher up on the agenda for aid in areas of the world exposed to war or natural disasters. Project Mental Health is especially aimed at supporting and starting projects that contribute to increased knowledge about mental health support as well as providing special training to health-workers in such areas of the world. Project Mental Health has among other projects been involved in the establishment of Health and Human Rights Info and has financed both the start up and the daily operation. Nergaard, Neslein and Ringnes are all members of the board of Human Rights Info.

Merete Nergaard

received her PhD in clinical psychology from Pacific Graduate School, California (1985). Her psychoanalytic training was at the Norwegian Psychoanalytic Institute. Currently she practices psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in Oslo. Nergaard was cofounder of Oslo Montessoriskole and was active in establishing a program for teacher training in Montessori pedagogy.

Mette Neslein

is educated nurse and midwife. She has taken a bachelor degree at the University Of Oslo, with psychology, pedagogic and history of Ideas as combination. She is also educated by the Norwegian Acupuncture High school and has worked the last 16 years as an acupuncturist in Oslo.

Nina Ringnes

graduated from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in 1979 and she got her MBA from American Graduate School of International Management in 1985. Finally she was educated in psycho synthesis (2008) and in creative couple work (2010). Currently she works as a psychotherapist and with couple counseling in Oslo. She is also involved in investment business and charity foundations.


Kirkegata 5, 0153 Oslo, Norway