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NEWSLETTERS 2016, no 5-1

  • NEWSLETTER NO.5 December 16th 2016    Tools when working with survivors of gender based violence

  • NEWSLETTER NO.3 September 23rd 2016    Family reunification - challenges for refugees and asylum seekers

  • NEWSLETTER NO.2 June 26h 2016    Supporting victims of torture and their families – life after torture

  • NEWSLETTER NO.1 March 21st 2016    Resolution 2272 - to prevent and combat sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeepers

  • NEWSLETTERS 2015, no 5-1

  • NEWSLETTER NO.5 December 16th 2015    Introduction of our new project coordinator for the Spanish speaking readers and improvement of our Gender based violence website

  • NEWSLETTER NO.4 November 30th 2015    Secondary traumatisation – being a good helper

  • NEWSLETTER NO.3 September 23rd 2015    Health professionals, ethics and serious human rights violations - Do no harm

  • NEWSLETTER NO.2 June 24th 2015    “If you are blind what are your options in an Earthquake?”

  • NEWSLETTER NO.1 April 29th 2015    We have gathered some links for relief workers working with survivors of the earthquake in Nepal


  • NEWSLETTER NO.4 December 22nd 2014    Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) Rights

  • NEWSLETTER NO.3 December 9th 2014    Child survivors of sexual violence

  • NEWSLETTER NO.2 OCTOBER 22ND 2014    Gender Based Violence in War and Conflict – Approaching and Assisting Survivors

  • NEWSLETTER NO.1 JUNE 26TH 2014    The right to redress for GBV survivors


  • NEWSLETTER NO.4 DECEMBER 23rd 2013    Mental health and psychosocial support for refugees

  • NEWSLETTER NO.3 NOVEMBER 15th 2013    Mental health guidelines for relief workers in the Philippines

  • NEWSLETTER NO.2 OCTOBER 24TH 2013    Minor asylum seekers and the child’s best interest

  • NEWSLETTER NO.1 APRIL 17TH 2013    Transitional justice and gender


  • NO.4 2012 DECEMBER 13th    New general comment on right to redress

  • NO.3 NOVEMBER 1ST    Cultural Aspects of Trauma

  • NO.2 2012 JUNE 26th    Human rights defenders and torture

  • NO.1 2012 MAY 16th    Children rights in the changing nature of conflict


  • NO.5 2011 DECEMBER 23rd    Professionals under stress

  • NO.4 2011 NOVEMBER 23rd    Capacity building

  • NO.3 2011 OCTOBER 3rd    UN legal framework to safeguard Mental Health

  • JULY 22nd. 2011    A nation in mourning

  • NO.2 2011 JUNE 26th    Convention against torture and support of torture victims

  • NO.1 2011 MAY 6th    The Arabic spring and the Tsunami in Japan


  • NO. 1 2010 MAY 12 th    The right to restitution, compensation and rehabilitation for victims of grave violations of human rights

  • NO. 2 2010 JUNE 14th    World refugee day and support for tortured victims

  • NO. 3 2010 AUGUST 20th    Flood in Pakistan

  • NO. 4 2010 OCTOBER 21st    Enforced disappearances

  • NO. 5 2010 DECEMBER 23rd    Health personnel have obligations


  • NO. 1 2009 MARCH 5th    UN special court for Cambodia

  • NO. 2 2009 APRIL 24th    Situation in Sri Lanka

  • NO. 3 2009 JUNE 4th    Children in armed conflict

  • NO. 4 2009 OCTOBER 22nd    Tsunami in the Pacific climate change

  • NO. 5 2009 DECEMBER 23rd    Commemorate 10th December and safeguarding children against torture


  • No. 1 2008 MAY 15th    General information on updates on the web page

  • No. 2 2008 OCTOBER 10th    Commemorate the world Mental Health day

  • No. 3 2008 DECEMBER 23rd    60 years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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