The team

Responsible for the daily work of mHHRI are Nora Sveaass, Elisabeth Ng Langdal, Mónica Orjuela, and the board. In addition, an informal group of international professionals is available to ensure that the material selected and presented has a good professional and ethical standard and may be relevant for the work in question. mHHRI has also established a group of highly qualified professionals for the development and implementation of its GBV Manual. Over the years many have contributed to this web site, in particular, the council of ISHHR, Sigurd Kraft Gulbrandsen, Magnar Naustdalslid, Caroline Garcia-Aarsæther, Igor Leon Quilquichicon, Monica Bothner, Engelke Randers, Nina Teran, Maria Elena Alvarez Manilla, Doris Drews, Tabassom Fanaian, Carla Filizola Rodrigues, Carolina Montoya, Silvia Gurrola and Elin Doeland.