The stories

The five stories displayed in our handbook are based on different real persons. They have characteristics and quirks that you as a helper may recognise from your own work. The five men are the red thread of the handbook, which means that we mainly use their names and attitudes when giving examples of different concepts, theories, observations and approaches.

In addition, we made a series of three animations based on those true stories. They are also complementary to the manual “Sexual violence against boys and men in war, conflict and migration, a handbook in mental health work for helpers”. Which has been developed in collaboration with Rådet for psykisk helse with support from the Norad and Stiftelsen Dam. The animations can be used in workshops as a tool.

Kumar, 61 years old, from Tamil Sri-Lanka 

A man who becomes involved in a violent conflict as a young man is later arrested and tortured. After going through years of war and torture, he seeks help to save himself from his traumas.

Louis, 45 years old, from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Luis got drawn into armed conflict between the government and the rebel groups. Experiences being beaten up and tortured. Losing the closest family and home fleeing for fear of being killed. Living in a refugee camp in constant fear of being sent back to the war.

Ali, 15 years old, from North Iraq

Ali has experienced several serious losses, after his father dies. The traumatic experiences he has to go through lead him to run away from home and he begins to live in a large refugee camp before he comes to Norway. With the helpers help he will find again the meaning of life.