Lectures by Helen Christie

Helen Christie is one of our expert on children's mental health - she has worked for many years with refugee children in Norway and children in war zones, on trauma, sexual abuse of children, and the effects of child sexual abuse in adulthood. Here you can find her video lectures on how to assist children and youth in time of war and crisis.

In this first part of the lecture, Helen introduces how children react to trauma and how their development might be disturbed as a result of trauma. She gives insight on how to assist parents with children aged 0-3 and how to regulate children aged 3-12.

In this second part of the lecture, Helen talks about how to assist adolescents 12-18. How is it to be an adolescent in war and emergency? What is the normal development in our body, mind, and relationships? What are the core developmental tasks during this period? Can these be disturbed by being exposed to trauma? What are the most common reactions? What are good coping strategies?

In this third part, Helen presents advice to parents and caregivers as well as parental guidance in times of war. Why parents are important, how they can support their children, and how we as helpers can support parents to be that support. Helen also talks about the concept of the protective shield, common trauma reactions, and what can we learn from those who cope well and the STOP model.

In this last part of the lecture on how to assist children and youth in time of war and crisis, Helen delves into how to take care of yourself as a helper in the light of encountering trauma and strong emotions. As a helper, our main resource is our capacity for compassion and empathy. This is also what makes us the most vulnerable. Helen will talk about how we as helpers can last and maintain professional and personal growth.