Vive Zene

The primary goal of Vive Zene is to improve mental health of torture victims. Those are the persons tortured during and after the war in Bosnia Herzegovina. By doing this, we contribute to the torture prevention through multidisciplinary approach and intervention psychotherapy, psychosocial, social, medical and legal counseling. Our goal is to minimize the effects of trauma-related disorders in the lives of tortured, raped or abused victims, and helping their emotional healing.

Conflict, Disaster, Homicide – Mental health reform in post-conflict areas: a policy analysis based on experiences in Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo.

This policy analysis provides insight into the ongoing process of mental health reform and the difficulty of sustaining such reform in post-conflict areas. It is based on experiences in Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia.

Genesis Project

The Genesis Project is a local non-governmental organization, set up in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in June, 1996. One of the organizations main goals is to help war traumatized children and their families.