Nunca Más International Network for Human Rights and Psycho-social Response

We are a human-rights-based development organization that strives to mitigate the consequences of severe human rights violations, such as collective violence. We support and empower victims/survivors of human rights violations and seek to change the conditions that perpetuate collective violence through preventative strategies.

Torture in children

Torture in children happens during peace times and during political violence and war conflicts. The majority of torture victims happen during peace times. The high-risk groups are impoverished children living in the street, children deprived of parental care, children in conflict with the law, and children in detention. During political violence and war the high risk children are the children detained during political violence, child soldiers, children internally displaced in refugee camps, detained children during the war against terrorism and children tortured by peacekeeping forces.

Centre for the Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and their Relatives (CPTRT)

Services are offered to torture survivors, and are also offered to family members of torture survivors, of individuals who have been politically assassinated, of disappeared persons, and of people who have been extrajudicially executed by the police. The organisation is based in Honduras (only in Spanish)