Survivors of the war in the Northern Kosovo: violence exposure, risk factors and public health effects of an ethnic conflict.

The aim of this population-based study was to assess the long-lasting effects of ethnic conflict on health and well-being (with a focus on injury and persistent pain) at family and community level. The possible risk factors for victimisation during the conflict and factors contributing to healing, have also been investigated.

Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre (NSHC)

The NSHC`s main area of focus is in taking care of the needs of the most vulnerable people in Novi Sad and Vojvodina. Our priorities are children and youth, the disabled, single parents, families who have lost loved ones, the elderly, shut-ins, those suffering from illness, refugees and displaced persons, victims of torture and violence, the unemployed, the homeless, those deprived of their rights and the poor.

State violence in Serbia and Montenegro

An alternative Report to the United Nations Human Rights Committee

Institute of Mental Health, Belgrade

The Institute of Mental Health is a part of the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, and a leading methodological psychiatric institution in Serbia.

International Aid Network (IAN)

We are a non-governmental organization active in the field of mental health promotion, as well as in cross-border human rights protection through provision of psychosocial, legal and humanitarian assistance to refugees, internally displaced persons and other vulnerable people.