Dear colleague, welcome to our Gender Based Violence Training Manual site.

Thank you for your interest in our manual:

“Mental health and gender-based violence Helping survivors of sexual violence in conflict – a training manual”

If you are working with or assisting survivors of gender-based violence or involved in training of helpers working directly with survivors, this is the right place for you. We hope that this low threshold manual will be useful in your work and that you will benefit from the knowledge presented in it.

If you want a hard copy of the manual, please send us your address and we will sendt it to you, free of charge.

Read the manual online or download the manual for free in the following languages: 


The GBV toolbox is a collection of the tools presented in the training manual. The intention is to give you a small sized, easy to handle sample. It contains grounding exercises, the Butterflystory, window of tolerance and other tools.

Here you can download the toolbox in different languages:


In addition to the manual we introduce, the GBV manual flyer:

The HHRI GBV Manual report 2017

This webpage will be useful if you have questions regarding:

  • the use of the manual
  • how and where the pilots were conducted and relevant feedback from the pilots
  • information about the organisations that were cooperating on the development
  • where to send feedback and questions
  • translations of the manual or parts of it to others languages
  • introduction and work of HHRI
  • why we saw the need for a manual specifically on how to meet survivors of GBV in a mental health perspective
  • if you want to conduct your own training

Please let us know if you also want a hard copy of the manual, we will be glad to sendt it to you, free of charge.   You are welcome send us an e-mail if you need us to follow up or to provide further assistance regarding the use of the manual.

We wish you all the best in your important work.

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Elisabeth Ng Langdal
Executive Director

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