GBV Training Manuals

If you are working with or assisting survivors of gender-based violence or involved in training of helpers working directly with survivors, this is a good resource for you.

07.10 2021

We hope that these low threshold manual will be useful in your work and that you will benefit from the knowledge presented in it. For easy access to information about the content of the manual please watch our tutorials.

Core elements of the manuals 

  • A human rights-based approach
  • With a gender perspective
  • Mental health / psychological consequences of trauma
  • Resource-oriented (respect / opportunities / hope)
  • Focus on the helper
  • Metaphors, symbols, and stories
  • Psychoeducational approach
  • Own experiences and reactions / Body-oriented exercises
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Tools – stabilization, and grounding exercises

All manuals can be downloaded from this website.  There are three different manuals, which respectively address working with women, with boys and men, and with children who have experienced sexual violence.

The manuals are translated into several languages. The page numbers in each manual remain the same across languages. This allows survivors and helpers to work from copies in their preferred language and read the same content on the same pages. It also makes it easier to teach participants when participants and trainers work in more than one language. The manuals include a toolbox. Survivors can use it individually to regulate their own emotions through grounding exercises or in collaboration with a helper. Helpers can also use grounding exercises to take care of themselves as helpers

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To be able to obtain the MHHRI GBV training certificate, please submit your feedback regarding the training you have completed, including feedback on course structure and content. You can submit your feedback after going through the manual and watching the tutorials. In order to receive the certificate we anticipate that your reply reflects your understanding of the topics discussed. Please let us know that you have submitted the questionnaire by sending an e-mail to