We all have a tool-box we use when we work, that we have acquired through our work. You as a helper are the most important tool. We will work on more tools and skills, and practice them so that they are available in situations we need them. Our intention is to provide tools and approaches that can stabilise survivors after they have been exposed to traumatising events, help them to deal with events that trigger traumatic memories, and teach them how to regain control of their lives. A survivor that can use the tools available will eventually be able to do exercises that help to calm her even when she is stressed and experiencing flashbacks. When learned, these are effective tools that can be used in situations where few other resources or forms of therapeutic support are available. She will also know more about her own reactions and to acknowledge her rights.

Five stories
Window of tolerance
Grounding experiences

The project “Sexual violence against boys and men in war, conflict and migration. A handbook in mental health work for helpers” has been developed in collaboration with Rådet for psykisk helse and support from Stiftelsen Dam and Norad.