Video. Supporting helpers in their work with sexual violence survivors

Panel Video. After several years working with the manual on sexual violence against women in war and conflict situations, we at MHHRI are proud to introduce these two new manuals.

04.12 2023

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are happy to happy to announce the release of two esencial  manuals: “Addressing Sexual Violence Against Children in War, Conflict, Humanitarian Crises, and Low-Resource Communities” and “Combatting Sexual Violence Against Boys and Men in War, Conflict, and Migration.” These manuals represent an important tool for helpers and caregivers working with children, boys, and men who have survived sexual abuse in war, conflict, humanitarian crises, and contexts with limited resources.

Our aim with the manuals is to provide practical guidance for helpers on how best to support and help boys, men, and children who have experienced sexual violence in various challenging situations. The manuals deal with different aspects of these topics, how traumatic events affect the mental health of those exposed, as well as practical approaches and tools that can be used to meet their psychological needs.
Available in multiple languages, including English, Nepali, Ukrainian, and Spanish, our new manuals signify our commitment to inclusivity. We are actively working on expanding the list of translated languages to ensure accessibility to helpers in more countries.

The launch of these manuals was accompanied by an wontherfull discussion panel, featuring perspectives, initiatives, and highlighting urgent points about the topic.

Moderator: Nora Sveaass: is a clinical psychologist and professor emeritus at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo (UiO).

Helen Christie: is a clinical psychologist, special adviser and former director at RBUP East and South – Regional Center for Children and Young People’s Mental Health.

Cliff A. Mustache: is a Norwegian playwright, theater director, and artistic director at the Nordic Black Theater in Oslo.

Maria Carolina Aissa de Figueredo: is a regional Adviser for Addressing Sexual Violence in the Americas, Central and South America.

Charu Lata Hogg: is the founder and Director of All Survivors Project, an international NGO headquartered in the U.K. and Liechtenstein which works to address conflict-related sexual violence against men and boys globally.

Kelly Fisher: is an advisor at Reform (Men’s Resource Center), he has a master’s degree in gender studies and wrote a master’s thesis on how gender affects Polish men’s migration process in Norway.

All manuals can be downloaded from the MHHRI website

There are three different manuals, which respectively address working with women, with boys and men, and with children who have experienced sexual violence.

The page numbers in each manual remain the same across languages. This allows survivors and helpers to work from copies in their preferred language and read the same content on the same pages. It also makes it easier to teach participants when participants and trainers work in more than one language. The manuals include a toolbox. Survivors can use it individually to regulate their own emotions through grounding exercises or in collaboration with a helper. Helpers can also use grounding exercises to take care of themselves as helpers.

We appreciate feedback and comments, 

If you know anyone who would be interested in receiving more information about the manuals, please forward it.

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Take care – and we are wishing you all the best.

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