International Rescue Committee - GBV Responders` network

The International Rescue Committee works to foster communities where women and girls are free from violence and have the rights and resources to promote their own safety and self-determination through the Women's Protection and Empowerment Team comprised of 450 field staff and technical experts, including specialists in primary prevention, care for child survivors, economic programming, and service delivery, among others. Collectively, this team advances the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for humanitarian workers to serve survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) with effective, comprehensive programming that meets the specific needs of women and girls. In partnership with communities and institutions, we advocate for and protect the rights of women and girls while cultivating conditions in which women and girls can recover from violence and thrive.

Key wordsarmed conflict / female genital mutilation / gender based violence / mental health / refugee health / refugees / sexual violence / violence / women