Cross-Cultural Assessment Of Trauma-Related Mental Illness

2002P Bolton, L Ndogoni. CERTI

Project Objectives; 1.To create an instrument adaptation and validation process which can be used by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and others to quantitatively assess the mental health burden of trauma at the population level across cultures and situations. 2. To use this instrument and process to assess part of the mental health burden of trauma on a civilian population in Rwanda. 3. To use the resulting data to assess the need for interventions, form the baseline for an intervention process, and (at a future date) to plan the form of such an intervention. 4. Current methods to assess mental health across cultures require resources and time not available to NGOs and many of the populations they serve, and are therefore research tools only. In this study we have attempted to develop a method useful for NGOs because it requires only training and existing resources.

Key wordsmental health / trauma