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Flyer for use in the First Nigerian Pidgin English online Seminar on Sexual Violence

Health and Human Rights Info, 2019

What makes this training different from others? This is the first Nigerian pidgin English seminar on Sexual Gender-Based Violence (GBV). The seminar focuses on improving skills in providing psychological support for GBV, especially sexual trauma survivors.
Who can attend?
• Helpers supporting survivors of GBV and sexual trauma in times of disasters, conflicts and emergency situations, and in places where access to health professionals, psychologist or psychiatrist expertise is limited.
• Helpers training other helpers/groups of helpers who need self-study materials
Who produced the seminar materials?
• A team of mental health experts from with many years of clinical, field and research experiences developed effective tools to empower helpers of GBV survivors
This flyer gives you information about the content of the GBV manual that the training is based on.


Updated December 10, 2019.