Listen and Speak out against Sexual Abuse of Girls and Boys

2005Turid Heiberg, Save the Children International

Global Submission by the International Save the Children Alliance UN Study on Violence against Children The present study evaluates Save the Children’s experiences with work against child sexual abuse and exploitation around the world. We focus on the essence of our programme experiences, our insights and the ‘main jewels’ of our learning in the form of 10 essential learning points. We have investigated if and how our work has been in the best interest of children and whether it contributed to their development. How do we perceive the challenges and strategies that have been successful? The examination led to the formulation of the learning points, which may serve as a guide for establishing good practice and policies. Thirteen country programmes within Save the Children – Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, South Africa, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda, Syria, Nepal, Bangladesh, Romania and Spain – have been involved in the present examination, drawing on their own and partners’ experiences as well as the experiences of governments and civil society in general in combating child sexual abuse within a number of cultural, socio-economic, political and religious contexts. Good practice from other Save the Children members, academic and other sources has also been included. We have emphasised that the learning reflects what boys and girls of different ages themselves feel, think, reflect and experience around sexual abuse.Turid

Key wordschild sexual abuse / education / gender based violence / Justice / mental health / post-traumatic stress disorder / protection / sexual violence

CountriesBangladesh / Brazil / Canada / Colombia / Global / Mozambique / Nepal / Nicaragua / Romania / Rwanda / South Africa / Spain / Syria / Uganda