Presentation on: Gender-based violence manual for helpers working in Nepal

2020Anil Sharma, Gita Limbu and Alba Banoun

This Power Point  document is part of the course result  "Introduction to Global Mental Health" with Associate Professor Ragnhild Dybdahl and Senior Advisor Unni M. Heltne responsible for the course. As part of their assignment the students primarily psychology students at University of Bergen, Norway and Tribhuvan University in Nepal, Anil Sharma, Gita Limbu and Alba Banoun have made a presentation about how they have adapted a three-day online webinar based on the “Mental health and gender-based violence Helping survivors of sexual violence in conflict – a training manual” for a Nepali audience. The core topics are: Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Nepal, Brief assessment of needs and resources in Nepal, Their adaptions and challenges in transforming the online training The GBV training manual is available in Nepalese language, you can download it here. Likewise, the Power Point presentation for the three days training is available in English download it here,  and Nepalese language, download it here. For the power point presentation that were presentet Friday 18th of December please have a look here. The whole recording of the seminar is possible to watch here.