Psychosocial support to groups of victims of human trafficking in transit situations.


The publication of the Forth volume of the Psychosocial Notebooks series is an important and pleasant event for me for different reasons. I am extremely glad about the quality of the papers and the relevance of the issues raised. Yet, this notebook also represents a multi-faceted leap forward in a wider perspective. On the one hand, it is the product of many years of interdisciplinary work, a demonstration that the methodology and work philosophy described in the first three notebooks, have been positively acknowledged by other service areas of our organization and have also played a role in enriching their work. On the other hand, this publication highlights the importance of considering the psychosocial approach not merely as a confined professional domain, but as a possible - and perhaps indispensable - component of a variety of programs and interventions for mobile populations.

Key wordsgender based violence / Human trafficking