Saying goodbye to loved ones when it is difficult


It is very difficult to say goodbye if a loved one has passed away. It is even more difficult and challenging if it was impossible to be present in the final days or attend services and burial ceremonies. When people die suddenly for example due to a natural disaster, their loved ones may not be able to be with them in their final moments to say goodbye and express their love and respect. In such circumstances, those left behind may feel intense sadness, pain, remorse, and guilt or may even lose the ability to go about their daily lives. In cases where it is not possible to be near the body of a loved one, there are some things to do to say goodbye in a humane and respectful way. These four actions can ease the agonizing grief of the loss and honor the memory of those who have lost their lives. Additionally, these resources can be found in different languages: Arabic, Ukrainian and Turkish and English.  

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