Syrian mental health professionals as refugees in Jordan: establishing mental health services for fellow refugees

Abo-Hilal, Mohammad; Hoogstad, Mathijs

While the conflict in Syria rages on, one psychiatrist and several psychologists, all of them Syrian refugees, have founded Syria Bright Future, a volunteer organisation that provides psychosocial and mental health services to Syrian refugees in Jordan. This field report describes how the organisation assists families in settling after their harsh journey, in adapting to new living conditions and circumstances, coping with difficulties they encounter and strengthening their resilience.  Syria Bright Future does this by providing short term support and counselling, and by referring individuals and families to other international and Jordanian organisations, or to informal support networks of Syrian refugees for further assistance.

Key wordsdisaster / forced migration / mental health / political prisoners / post-traumatic stress disorder / psychosocial intervention / refugee health / refugees / rehabilitation / trauma / treatment

CountriesJordan / Syria