The COVID-19 Outbreak and Gender: Key Advocacy Points from Asia and the Pacific

2020Gender Based Violence AoR, Gender in Humanitarian Action

In this briefing note you can find information about emerging gender impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak as well as recommendations as to how to respond in a gender sensitive way. The first six recommendations are (please open the link to see the full list of recommendations):

  • Disaggregate data related to the outbreak by sex, age, and disability
  • Country strategic plans for preparedness and response must be grounded in strong gender analysis, taking into account gendered roles, responsibilities, and dynamics
  • Strengthen the leadership and meaningful participation of women and girls in all decision-making processes in addressing the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Ensure that women are able to get information about how to prevent and respond to the epidemic in ways they can understand
  • Ensure human rights are central to the response
  • First responders must be trained on how to handle disclosures of GBV

Key wordscoronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) / disaster / gender based violence / human rights / public health emergency / sexual violence

CountriesAsia and the Pacific / Global