The well-being guide: reduce stress, recharge and build inner resilience

2022IFRC Psychological Centre

This well being guide is for individual self-care, and for peers and teams who work together. Each section can be tested or incorporated within regular meetings with a focus on caring for the carers. Humanitarians and people working in helping professions need to take care of themselves in order not to burn out and to be effective in their work. The exercises in this guide are for all humanitarian staff, volunteers and for recipients of mental health and psychosocial support services. If practised and used regularly, this catalogue of tried and practised tools can regulate stress, calm when distressed, promote sleep, and strengthen inner resilience. This guide is available in Ukrainian, Arabic, Portuguese, Bosnian and French.

Key wordsresilience / stabilizing / stress management / tools

CountriesBosnia / Brazil / France / Global / Middle East / Portugal / Ukraine

CategoryManuals and guidelines