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Wed, 9th Sep. “A Comparison of Interventions for Reduction in Distress – Trauma Healing and Peace Education”

MHPSS, 2020

ONE MORE DAY –  Have you signed up for the webinar? “A Comparison of Interventions for Reduction in Distress: Trauma Healing and Peace Education”.
Wed, 9th September, 1PM UTC. With presentations from Florence Ntakarutimana (Catholic Relief Services), Bill Froming (Palo Alto University) and Karen Bronk Froming (Palo Alto University) that focus on the work of Catholic Relief Services in the Central African Republic.
Register: is pleased to announce the first webinar in a series organised by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee #MHPSS Reference Group’s working group on ‘MHPSS and Peacebuilding’. This webinar series features case examples of practice in the field linking MHPSS and Peacebuilding objectives and approaches. The approaches and practices shared during this series are not formally endorsed or promoted by the IASC MHPSS Reference Group, but rather are shared in the spirit of enabling dialogue, debate and learning.
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Updated September 8, 2020.