Children and underage – refugees and asylum seekers

Children and underage – refugees and asylum seekers

Manuals helping children cope with their reactions to war and disasters
Children and War Foundation 
The foundation has developed five manuals to help children cope with their reaction to war and disasters. To get access to the manuals, please contact the foundation directly.
E-mail: or by phone: +47 920 00 920

Frequent relocations between asylum-seeker centres are associated with mental distress in asylum-seeking children
International Journal of Epidemiology, Goosen et al. 2013
This study concludes that the risk of mental distress is greater in asylum-seeking children who have undergone a high annual relocation rate.

The Forgotten Children. National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014
Australian Human Rights Commission 2014
This report gives a voice to these children. It provides compelling first-hand evidence of the impact that prolonged immigration detention is having on their mental and physical health. The evidence given by the children and their families is fully supported by psychiatrists, pediatricians and academic research.

Trauma, exile and mental health in young refugees
Montgomery 2011
A review about the connection between trauma, exile and mental health in young refugees from the Middle East.

Seeking asylum in Denmark: refugee children’s mental health and exposure to violence
E. Montgomery, A. Foldsprang. Journal of Public Health 2005
Study on the effects of asylum-seeking process and mental health of refugee children.

Stressful life experiences and mental health problems among unaccompanied asylum-seeking children
Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Jensen et al. 2015
The article discusses the situation of unaccompanied refugee children in Norway, and how this affects their state mental health. Recommendations on how to help better are also given.