Mental health after armed conflict

Mental health after armed conflict

Psychosocial Care Package Children 
HealthNet TPO 2012
This web-based resource package is an attempt to provide a care delivery framework to set up and provide community-based psychosocial care in such settings. It contains information that describes the rationale, content and step-by-step implementation of the separate components of a comprehensive psychosocial care package (such as a Classroom Based Intervention, Counseling, Clinical Supervision, Screening and Psycho-education). It includes theoretical backgrounds, specifically developed clinical and screening tools and outcomes of research conducted on these different modules of the care package.

Manuals helping children cope with their reactions to war and disasters
Children and War Foundation 
The foundation has developed five manuals to help children cope with their reaction to war and disasters. To get access to the manuals, please contact the foundation directly.
E-mail: or by phone: +47 920 00 920

Mental Health Status in former Child Soldiers
JAMA, august 2008
This study compares the mental health of former child soldiers in Nepal with a group never-conscripted Nepalese children. The authors are giving an account of the health problems former child soldiers are suffering with.

War-trauma and PTSD in former child soldiers, connected with openness to reconciliation
JAMA, august 2007
This study amongst former child soldiers in Uganda and the Dem. Rep. of Congo tries to elaborate in which way PTSD and trauma inflicts the capability to reconciliation.

Post-traumatic stress symptoms among former child soldiers in Sierra Leone: follow-up study
Betancourt et al. 2016
The findings indicated improvement in PTSD symptoms among former child soldiers despite limited access to care. Family and community support played a vital part in promoting psychological adjustment

Mental States of Adolescents exposed to War in Uganda
Amone-P`Olak, Torture Vol 16, 2006
The article (15 p) describes the rehabilitation of formerly abducted adolescents exposed to war in Uganda, and tries to point out appropriate methods.

When children affected by war go home – Lessons learned from Liberia
Save The Children Fund, 2003
This study (9 p) provides a research in Liberia, where Save The Children UK undertook a study that tracked children associated with armed forces following the DDR process (disarmament, demobilization and rehabilitation).

The Psychological Impact of Political Violence on Children
Wainryb and Pasupathi, 2007
Discussion (15 p.) how children are reacting and being affected by political violence.

The Voices of Girl Child Soldier
Keairns, 2002
This study (30 p) presents a solid research on the girls situation in armed conflicts, discussing experiences and future aspects in life.

The Voices of Girl Child Soldiers Colombia 
Keairns, 2003
This report on the voices of girl child soldiers in Colombia is part of a larger study that carried out in-depth interviews with 23 girl soldiers from four different conflict areas around the world.

Psychological First Aid Field Operation Guide
National Child Traumatic Stress Network – National Center for PTSD.

Easy Prey: Child Soldiers in Liberia
Human Rights Watch, 1994
Solid report on the situation of child soldiers in Liberia.