Follow up

07.01 2019

How to follow up

  • You can follow up this training and obtain more information about how to implement it in your daily work.
  • Study the manual for examples that are relevant in your work.
  • Use your group for support, caring and sharing.
  • It is important to practice the grounding exercises again and again until the skill becomes automatic and can be called on even during moments of distress.
  • Take care of yourself as a helper, do the necessary self-evaluation to prevent secondary traumatisation and the like.  See our thematic page on helping the helper.
  • Before you separate, please agree among yourselves that one or two of you will take particular responsibility for providing and coordinating support to members of the group.
  • If you would like to do so, please let MHHRI know their names.
  • Try to find and make use of resource persons in your region who can provide advice or input.
  • Contact MHHRI for advice when you need it.

Contact person at MHHRI:
Elisabeth Ng Langdal

Mental Health and Human Rights Info
Mariboes gate 13, 0183 Oslo, Norway

If you have feedback or would like a hard copy of this manual, please send us an e-mail